Spin 2 Win
  • Foster math skills
  • Enhance logical thinking
  • Build social skills and patience

Educational games are often used in class for their entertaining and learning value. They are a great way to keep children engaged and actively listening. Parents and educators integrate these types of games as hands-on learning tools so children can learn while they play. Math is one of the subjects that has many educational games to assist children in class. Math board games help children sharpen their math skills and practice basic concepts from number recognition and counting to solving verbal math problems. Math games such as spinning wheel games are fun exercises that everyone can join and have fun. Helping children learn and recognize numbers and do simple addition and subtraction. Aiding children to develop number sense. Spinning wheel games come from different styles and sizes but their premise is always the same, using a spinning wheel to move pieces around a board to do random math challenges.

There are a variety of spinning wheel games and activities parents and educators can do to foster children logical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, Spin 2 Win is a board game that help players practice x and y axis coordinates and addition and subtraction. Players move the spinning wheel to move their pawn horizontal and vertically to create the equations. Once the math problem solved the player earns the coins that was placed in that coordinates. Spinning wheel games are fun way to create different math problem as there are many combinations a player can get. Keeping children constantly doing math exercises in an entertaining way. These type of games foster’s players to think outside the box with creative solutions and quick thinking. Just like in real-life situations, when doing math problems on the spot without pen and paper.

Ultimately, math games are meant to be group activities. Letting children socialize with other players and enjoy the game. Building their social skills, players interact and talk amongst each other. A child is able to observe and imitate the other players behavior learning how to share and wait for their turn. Board games are a good way to practice and improve children’s social skills. Also, spinning math games are games of chance where there is no room for strategy. This type of play helps children learn about patience as the spinner doesn’t always in the number the player wants. There are fun in the unpredictability of the spinning wheel making every turn a new play. Spin 2 Win and other similar spinning games help bring excitement to math class.