The BrilliAnt
  • Practice multiplication
  • Sharpen math skills
  • Foster memory skills
  • Build social skills

Multiplication is a subject that can be fun to learn with the right tools. Parents and educators use all kinds of games and activities to make math entertaining and accessible. Children are engaged and actively listening when playing while learning. Helping them to grasp at concept and practice math in a fun way. There are many math themed board games that can be played whenever you want exercise your math skills. The BrilliANt is one of these games that is designed to introduce multiplication to kids. By collecting particles on a checkers board, the worker ants earn points multiplying the food collected. Having fun with a visual aid these types of games helps children understand the steps of multiplying.

The BrilliAnt and similar games are an activity that spark players to be interested in math. Not only learning how to solve an equation such as multiplications but also there are a well-rounded exercise to sharpen math skills. Board games in general require a lot of mental calculations for adding and keeping scores. Players have to be quick on their problem solving so they do not take too much time on their turn. Learning to do simple math in their mind keeps the mind agile. Plus, the competition element of board games is fun and challenging. It is a good way for children to be entertained while doing math exercises without feeling repetitiveness of schoolwork.

Furthermore, math themed board games have been proven to help boost memory skills. Children have to memorize the multiplication board from one to ten early on so they can tackle longer digit multiplications. Math board games makes the memorization process challenging. Prompting children to study the multiplication board in order to win the game. Board games surprise players with random math problems which are always exciting and interesting. Preparing children for the real world. The BrilliAnt and similar math games are a fun way to boost children’s confidence in learning the multiplication board as a mnemonic tool to help remember.

Most importantly, board games encourage people to work together and socialize. Math can be a difficult subject and playing board games can break the ice. Players can help one another showing camaraderie. Building a child’s social skills, they learn to work in teams, listen to other players, take turns, and share. It is a good way to bring everyone together to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Helping each other out when a math problem seems to difficult to solve alone. The BrilliAnt and other games alike make for a memorable time filled with learning and laughter.