Owlconic Time Game
  • Lear to read analog and digital clocks
  • Foster problem solving and memory skills
  • Develop sequencing
  • Exercise fine motor skills

Time is a concept that children gradually learn as they are developing their cognitive skills. A fun way for parents and educators to introduce time concepts such as time management and time reading is through games. Using games and activities as hands-on learning tools helps children to be engaged and entertained. Familiarizing the child with different types of clocks in interactive ways where they can play and learn. There are many games designed to help children to understand the concept of time. Owlconic: Time Game is one these games that assists children to tell time by doing different challenges in an entertaining way learning about clocks and time.

Time Game and similar board games not only help children learn to read time but also fosters cognitive skills. Sequencing is a skill that is link on how we arrange the order of events in the mind. Knowing about time assist children exercise this skill. Placing certain activities and events in chronological order. Moreover, clock and time themed games help children as fun visual aids. Being able to move a clock hands of an analog clock. Using these games as learning tools are a good way for children to make relations to specific times of the day, if they follow a schedule or marked planner. Making connections between times and time management.

These time themed games present time as math problems challenging everyone’s thinking ability. In Time Game and similar games, there are difficulty levels for everyone to play along and practice time concepts. Keeping the mind busy and entertained. Furthermore, time games help develop problem-solving skills and sharpen math skills. Parents and educators can use time and clock activities to reinforce counting and number recognition. Time themed games introduce fractions to young children for them to understand the different time measurements: seconds, minutes, and hours. Children get to exercise their memory skills and concentration while playing with clocks.

As hands-on activities, Time Game and similar games keep everyone busy and entertained. It is a good way to exercise fine motor skills while they learn. Everyone gets to participate and move the clock hands. Children push and pull the hands of a clock to point to specific number. Working on their hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. And in some time and clock games, players have to move pieces and dices to read time making the learning activity fun and engaging. With visuals and toys to play, Time Game and other clock related games are good way to pass the time.