Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys
  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Practices problem solving
  • Partakes in creative play

Playing with Kidtastic Dinosaur toys not only requires imagination and creativity, but it also engages children in the use of motor and perception skills to fully take advantage of this toy’s fun. Having different pieces to build for the toy dinosaurs involves problem solving through observation, making this toy perfect for STEM related subjects.

These dinosaurs are deconstructed piece by piece so that children can follow along either an instruction book or their imagination to put together these creatures. This introduces children into being perceptive towards there surroundings and having a set of ideas in which they can work on throughout play. Using a toy screwdriver, piece can be connected or taken away helping the use of basic motor skills by practicing hand eye coordination when precisely placing each plastic screw. The practice of children’s motor functions can assist in the way they do simple tasks such as brushing their teeth, writing with a pencil or pen and the use of utensils when eating.

STEM skills are introduced when playing by being able to build, think and learn while having fun. The basics that are presented within the toy can find interest in children in their future academic career and having a dynamic toy that practices these fundamentals are key. Sometimes building requires a lot of thought and problem solving which can help children enhance there critical thinking with quick thinking which can help this interest as well. Although building is a key fundamental to the Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys, creativity and imagination are key to have fun while learning. Being creative can create confidence with an original mindset to learn, socialize and be charismatic when learning something new.