• Engages motor skills
  • Teaches perception
  • Promotes social play
  • Practices pattern recognition

The fast-paced card game Slamwich engages children into a quick and upbeat method of play while aiding in different beneficial areas of learning. This can vary from motor skill improvement to perception through pattern recognition and social play. All these attributes create a healthy environment of education play, engaging children into the improvement of there confidence in all these skills.

As Slamwich is played, it is the players job to connect one card to another, knowing when they must place their hands on the top of the stack to get as many cards as possible. This refines motor skills, connecting the quick placement of the hand with the action of quickly taking ownership of the cards when established in the card game. With this process comes the heavy use of perception capabilities, putting into practice how fast they can identify when an event happens through placing cards and their reaction timing to this as well.

Slamwich being a fast game seems sporadic, but by putting children into an environment like this, it ends up improving their decision-making skills while finding different patterns in play. Alongside this is the social aspect of the game by having different friends and family take part, making children more socially active and aware, fascinating them in confidence and courage when taking on different tasks in school or at home.