Ultimate Secret Formula Lab
  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages science related topics
  • Practices perception
  • Partakes in cognitive thinking

Playing with toys related to science can teach a handful of topics for the future of children. This can range from the engagement of motor and perception skills through play. What can be featured as well is the practice of science related topics while thinking cognitively about decision making, cause and effect and how science can be fun and easy for everyone.

Following instructions, mixing ingredients, and building a scientific environment are all key aspects to the Ultimate Secret Formula Lab. These features can pique interest in children who are curious about science and how cause and effect is present during the entire process. Using motor skills to build the lab requires hand eye coordination to set up the entire area while being careful with each piece that comes with the kit. When setting up is done, it is important for children to be perceptive towards the instructions that come with the formula lab. With over 40 different experiments to be made, each one requires a step by step progression to achieve each determined goal. This connects to children’s cognitive thinking while teaching them about how different items interact with each other.

Introducing children to science related topics can encourage them to follow an interest in STEM related topics in their education. Understanding the fundamentals of science can make themes such as critical thinking easier for children to understand and practice. While problem solving and using the Ultimate Secret Formula Lab, problem solving will occur during play. Being proactive in this can build confidence in children with how they manage situational events within the lab giving them the freedom to read, understand and comprehend their surroundings and how these science themes can come together.