Roller Coaster Challenge
  • Foster critical thinking and planning skills
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Develop visual perception and spatial reasoning skills
  • Promotes creativity

Roller coasters are great exemplary of engineering thinking. They are amusement park attractions that appeals to everyone as source of excitement and learning. Roller Coaster Challenge is an educational activity that helps develop engineering thinking by creating roller coasters models. Children are familiarized with these rides which makes for fun way to learn and work on cognitive skills. Enhancing a child’s thinking skills, parents and educators can use roller coaster building games to teach the basics of Engineering and Physics. Roller Coaster Challenge, like many other STEM games, is designed to exercise players problem-solving skills.

STEM building games such as Roller Coaster Challenge keep everyone active. Stimulating the mind, these types of games are an entertaining way to enhance critical thinking skills. Setting a challenge and instructions on how to make the roller coaster, players have to come up with their own designs. There are puzzle building sets of Roller Coaster Challenge that have difficulty levels for constructing the roller coaster. Once mastered the beginner’s level, the child can try a harder puzzle. Also, this type of activity trains a child’s planning skills. The whole process of creating a roller coaster requires to prepare a step by step plan. It is a fun way to designing a personal amusement park ride.

Whether it is a home-made roller coaster or puzzle building set, the Roller Coaster Challenge is an activity that everyone can participate. Boosting everyone creative design there are many possible twists and curves a person can be integrated to the design. It is a good way to channel creativity and let imagination to run free. There are no limits of how big or small a roller coaster should be to complete the task. Letting the player decide what to do. Taking control and investing time to come up with fresh ideas.

Finally, the Roller Coaster Challenge and other engineering activities help young children develop their spatial reasoning skills. Like any building type of play, players have to make sense of the structure and use logic to find the right order to place the pieces. Learning how to create stable bases and balance the pieces. Assisting the child to develop their visual perception they observe and pay attention to details as they pile the pieces one over the other. Roller Coaster Challenge and similar games are educational activities that are fun to do and everyone can participate and enjoy.