• Foster strategic thinking and visual perception
  • Build communication and social skills
  • Practice math skills
  • Develop problem solving and decision-making skills

In a faraway land, the board game Kigndomino was created. Like many other board games, it is an entertaining way to test your skills and learn something new. Board games have become a great learning tool to develop cognitive skills and keep a child engaged in class. Educators and parents integrate board games to class to help children work on their problem solving and decision-making skills. Kingdomino and similar board games exercise problem solving skills each round. Players need to analyze the layout of the domino tiles and choose which one is best suited for their grid that will give them the highest number of points. A child has to go through a thought process to base their decision on what will help them win. Enhancing problem solving and decision-making skills outside a classroom setting.

Another cognitive skill that board games foster is strategy. Playing Kingdomino and similar games is a fun way to practice strategic thinking. Planning and arranging each tile for optimum space. Keeping the mind active a child learns to come up different plays to get the kingdom with the greatest number of crowns tiles and points. The player has to be careful where they place their king piece since it can give the player an advantage over the other players. After playtime is over, a child can apply what they learn to real life projects that require critical thinking and planning.

Board games have math components to exercise everyone’s mental computation skills. Helping children practice mental math since players must add points in the moment. Sharpening math skills and a person’s agility when solving equations. In Kingdomino, players are working with perimeters and area of a square helping children understand basic geometry. Also, the players have to place the domino tiles face down in ascending order teaching what is numerical value. Parents and educators can use these types of board games as visual aids when going over these subjects. Stopping the game to explain the results helping the child understand the math problem in a fun way.

At the end of game, board games serve a bigger purpose to learning experience. In Kingdomino and similar games, players finish the game with a map of their land that aesthetically pleasing and fun to build. Enhancing visual perception and matching skills, players examine each domino tile to create this map. Furthermore, board games are a fun way for everyone to participate in class. It makes people come together to share and talk. Helping children develop communication and social skills. Kingdomino and similar games are entertaining way to keep the mind active and agile where everyone can have a good time and share a few laughs.