Bus Stop Board Game
  • Sharpening math skills
  • Learn to count and recognize numbers
  • Develop motor skills and visual perception skills
  • Improves memory and observation skills

There are many games that focus on vehicles of transportation such as cars and buses. They capture children attention because of their familiarity. These games can be useful hands-on learning tools for young children. Parents and educators can integrate bus games such as the board game Bus Stop to help children learn to recognize numbers and count. Entertaining children with pretend play, they pick up and drop of passengers each turn according to the number rolled. This type of exercise helps the child understand quantity and to follow the counting sequence. Having fun learning their numbers children play and create stories for their passengers.

Another math concept that can be learned while playing with Bus Stop and similar board games is addition and subtraction. Depending on where the bus lands on the board, players have to either add or subtract passengers. These types of math games assist children to work on math problems with visual aids. Children need to pick passenger pieces out of the bus when subtracting and place the passengers inside the bus when adding helping them visualize the math equation. Furthermore, these type of play helps sharpen their math skills. Transforming math problems into fun activity helps children approach math positively when doing schoolwork.

Bus Stop and similar games are enjoyable activity that help children exercise their hands as they learn. Exercising their fine motor skills while they learn. Using their fingers to pick the passengers. Children grab and move the buses around fostering their hand-eye coordination. It is a fun way to improve their hand strength and coordination. Also, bus games and other math games foster visual perception skills as children are constantly counting the number of passenger and their characteristic. Bus Stop and other educational board games alike keep children active while stimulating their minds.

Finally, Bus Stop and other transportation games benefit a child’s early development. Fostering observation skills, the players focus on the different traits the games passengers have. Looking for similarities and differences. Noticing the images on the board game look like the scenery of a bus route. Parents and educators can start discussions about the things the child observes. Furthermore, these types of games help improve memory skills. Concentrating on the details of the game and recalling their observations. Bus Stop and similar games help develop cognitive skills while a child learns basic math. Having a good time while playing and learning.