• Build vocabulary
  • Build social and communication skills
  • Exercise reading comprehension and listening skills
  • Foster thinking skills

Blurt is defined as something said without any premeditated thought. Making connections between words you listen too and your knowledge. This type of word associations helps build vocabulary. Better yet, there are many words association games and activities parents and educators can integrate to their lessons to help encourage children to expand their vocabulary. Keeping the class active and fun. Blurt! is one of these board games which premise is to think about the word that capsulate a definition or description. Playing these types of games helps children to be aware of words and their definitions. Learning new terms in a way that is entertaining and funny.

Other benefits of words association games as learning tools is that it helps children exercise reading and listening skills. In Blurt! and other similar board games players are assigned either to read or answer. Players that read the cue cards have to do it out loud and clearly. Developing their reading comprehension and public speaking, the players read one of the definitions of the card. Depending the roll of the dice they get to read the top or bottom definition learning new terms as they read. The players who aren’t reading have to pay attention fostering their listening skills. It is important to develop both reading comprehension and listening skills to excel in school and word association games are quick and fun activities to practice these skills.

Also, Blurt! and similar word association games foster thinking skills. Stimulating the mind, the players have to think fast and say the first word they think in order to get the points in each round. Helping concentration and memory skills. These types of games require players focus on the definition to help them decipher the key word. Even if the players say the wrong words it helps the find the solution. Word association and other vocabulary games can help children study and memorize subjects in an entertaining way.

Blurt! and other board games alike keep everyone on their toes and are fun to play with. Keeping children invested in working on their communication skills. Word games and activities bring everyone together to have a good time. Building a child’s social skills, they get to interact and talk to other players. Learning about sportsmanship and camaraderie. Board games are good activities to start conversations and share laughs. Blurt! and similar games get everyone involved and practicing their vocabulary. Learning not only words but about each other word association games help build relationships.