• Stimulate critical thinking skills
  • Develop problem-solving
  • Boost math skills

Turning math problems in into a game is a good technique to teach abstract concepts. Some games are designed to help children recognize numbers, learn how to count, and even how to solve basic math equations. Board games are a good way to establish a math skill foundation in an entertaining way. There are many board games that disguise math problems into a fun adventure such as Movie Director. Like many other board games, Movie Director uses visual aids to help players solve math problems. The player has to move the movie props around the set to make a movie scene and solve the math problem each turn. By role playing children have tangible math problems working with the prop which later can become handy in school when faces with more advanced math problems.

Besides the numbers factor, Movie Director is structured as a written problem for players to read out loud. Movie Director and other similar board games help players to exercise their problem-solving skills. In order to solve the math questions, players have to be creative and analytical as they act out the scenes. Not only helping the child in math but also helps them resolve real-life situations in an ordinarily manner. Board games such as Movie Director help children visualize the question which allow be more assertive and innovative when faced with a challenge. This boost a child confidence and self-esteem to be able to come up with the solutions by themselves. It is a fun way for children to learn how to face problems and no matter the outcome.

Playing board games can help a child develop their critical thinking skills. Fundamental for any intellectual activity it is important to develop the skills from early age. The players have to strategize, reason, and think critically each turn. It is a good way for children to be actively exercising their mind as they play stimulating both side of the brain. Board games such as Movie Director are captivating and tell a story every turn which keep the players engaged. The child is practicing reading and math while creating a movie in their mind. Stimulating from a young age a child’s creativity and thought process. Parents and educators can use these type of board games as complementary material for their lessons. Movie director and other similar board games are colorful and vibrant activity that keep children entertained as they learn.