Expression Puzzle Building Blocks
  • Exercise concentration
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination
  • Foster logical thinking
  • Builds social skills

In early learning, games play a huge role in the development of cognitive skills. Building blocks and puzzle games have been proven to be good activities to stimulate the brain. Sharpening cognitive skills through these games, children are entertained while learning. Expression Puzzle Building Blocks is a game that combine both building blocks and puzzles into one big activity. Players compete against each other to build a face by turning and organizing the blocks to replicate a puzzle card. Exercising a child’s concentration skills in a fun way. The child focuses on the blocks to match the puzzle picture before the other player.

Expression Puzzle Building Blocks and similar puzzles are brain teasers that can be enjoyed by everyone. Like many other three-dimensional puzzles, they foster players’ logical thinking. Players try to make the connections between the blocks deciphering the puzzle. It is a good way for children analyze and think about an order or sequence for solving the brain teaser. Additionally, puzzles and building blocks are challenges meant to enhance problem-solving skills. More than an enjoyable activity, these games help exercise a person’s thinking process to solve a problem which is important skill for school and daily life.

Also, puzzle games invite people to talk and spend time together. Expression Puzzle Building Blocks and similar games are great for gatherings or family nights. Children can interact with other people in a competing setting. Using the games to exercise and improve a child’s social skills. They get to observe and imitate other players learning about sportsmanship. Practicing taking turns and working together. Children can talk during the game practicing their communication skills and vocabulary. It is a fun way to relax and start conversations about feelings and thoughts. Resetting the mind and focusing on something that is not electronic.

More importantly, three-dimensional puzzles and building blocks keep the hands constantly active. Exercising children’s fine motor skills. Expression Puzzle Building Blocks and similar toys require players to twist and turn the blocks around looking for the face feature to match the puzzle card. Working on a player’s hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Controlling their hand movements fosters their fine motor skills which is important for everyday task such as writing and typing. Expression Puzzle Building Blocks and other games alike help the mind and the body to be engaged in the challenge. Creating funny faces and making everyone smile.