• Engages problem solving skills
  • Teaches STEM based skills
  • Promotes cognitive practice
  • Partakes in creativity

STEM based toys always benefit children in developing the way that they perceive, react and learn through play. It enhances their cognitive thinking capabilities and pursue practice in problem solving. Architecth accomplishes this with its ease of use through circuitry, building and creativity.

The Electronic Smart House Architech kit introduces children into building and connecting electronics to create power for a small house. Although small, it is a great way for children to understand how a house can be energized and how each cause has an effect when connecting different pieces. This practices cognitive thinking by figuring out how each wire can connect to the set-up house piece that was place in the built household. This partakes in problem solving by giving children the chance to learn from there mistakes until they can successfully energize what they have built.

These STEM based games encourage children into being more attentive towards there education and demonstrating that these science related topics involving engineering and electricity can be made fun. It improves their concentration skills that can be used in a classroom environment, enhancing there academic and learning capabilities for there future. Being confident in these topics creates interest in studying and in class, making there education more meaningful and impactful for children around the world.