Red Light Green Light
  • Help color recognition
  • Develops gross motor skills
  • Build social skills
  • Develop observation and listening skills

Preschool games never go out of style. They are simple to remember, don’t have many rules, and are super fun to play in groups. Children learn basic social norms while playing these types of games. Best of all, preschool game teaches us how to be patient, work with others, and to pay attention. One of these games is the Red Light, Green Light based on the traffic light signals players move according colors red, yellow, and green. There are many toys that mimic this game for example there is a Red Light, Green Light, Interactive Game Station that uses motion sensors to play. Helping children play this preschool game in smaller numbers and more challenging not to move. Red Light, Green Light is a game for children to learn to follow instructions and to thinking before acting.

The toy Red Light, Green Light like many other preschool toys has other playing options for children to be active. This toy has three different setting to exercise and play. Besides Red Light, Green Light game, the interactive game has a dance version with music and crawling version. Making it players move, shake and stretch their bodies. Children need to develop their gross motor skills in order to grow. Red Light, Green Light require the players to make quick moves and hold poses for periods of time helping them exercise their core and practice balance. It is important for young children to develop motor skills along with hand-eye coordination for them to do physical activities and release their exerts amounts of energy. Helping children break from sedentary activities such as taking class or playing with computers.

Red Light, Green Light game also helps with schoolwork. Young children learn to distinct colors by assigning a different task to each color. Helping them learn and recognize colors. Also, preschool games such as Red Light, Green Light are good educational tools for teaching children how to watch and listen. It prepares them to know what is expected when they are taking class or doing schoolwork. Applying the game to real-life situations children develop their observational and listening skills. Red Light, Green Light and other similar games are a fun way to learn. Anytime is great to stop what you are doing and go with the flow.