• Promotes creativity
  • Exercises thinking ability and problem-solving skills
  • Builds social and communication skills
  • Stress relief

Telestrations is a fun guessing board game for everyone to exercise their minds and creativity. Whether is acting it out or drawing, word guessing games are a fun way to bring learning to playtime. Like many other games, it is a good way to enhance a person’s cognitive skills in an entertaining way. Telestrations and similar word guessing games foster creativity by instructing players to draw in a short time a clue that can help others guess the word. Word guessing games help people think outside of the box and expand their vocabulary to communicate with others. Children get to build up their vocabulary in a fun way which is important for writing composition and creative writing.

Another cognitive skill that is enhanced by playing word guessing games is problem solving. Children and grown-ups are challenged by the words figuring out how to communicate what they see to another player. Their team members have to analyze step-by-step and make connections between the clues and the secret word. Moreover, this whole process has to be done in a short time fostering the players to process information quickly. Sharpening their thinking ability to make associations and come up with solutions children get to practice problem solving skills.

Similar to the telephone game, Telestrations and other word guessing games require more than two players. They are great for gatherings to bring everyone together. Children benefit from this type of play as they get to observe social interaction and build up their social skills. Being able to start conversations and wait for their turns. They practice sportsmanship and working in teams. This prepares them for the real-life situations and how to interact with people they encounter. Also, word guessing games help children how to say a message in more than one way. It is a fun way to develop their communication skills.

Ultimately, word games are meant to make people laugh with the odd guessing and funny clues. They get people to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. These types of games are great stress relivers. Boosting endorphins to the brain, helping set a good mood for the rest of the day. Everyone gets to relax and unwind. Telestrations and similar board games don’t require to keep scores. Bringing everyone together for silliness. Working on everybody’s vocabulary and knowledge. Telestrations and other word guessing games are entertaining way to show how miscommunication can help start conversations.