Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game
  • Learn about cells and biology
  • Foster scientific and mathematical thinking
  • Enhance strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Build social skills

Science games can help spark interest in learning. They can be played at anytime and anywhere and it will prompt players to learn something new or practice what they already know. Parents and educators can use board games in class to keep children engaged or outside to keep them entertained. They are a fun group activity that helps build children social skills and communication. Requiring everyone to participate in the activity. There are a variety of board games and brain teaser that make learning fun. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game is one of these games educational games that everyone can play and learn about biology.

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game and similar science board games help players to learn about complicated biology subjects in a fun way through illustrations and challenges. Compacting the information into clear and short gaming elements, children learn biology terms and their functions. These types of board games help players understand about the cell parts and how they work together to make life. Just like other studying methods, the objective of using board games to learn is to make it the lesson in a fun and creative way that helps children remember the information. Associating the terms to the game, every time a player does a play to earn a point they are learning and memorizing information.

Specialized science board games and other hands on learning activities promote children interest in the subject. They spark players curiosity and scientific thinking. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game and similar board games are a good way to introduce the world of science to children from a young age. Familiarizing them with concepts that are part of their educational life helping them discover the wonders of the world. Prompting children to learn more and ask more questions. Moreover, board games help in other subjects such as math. While playing these types of games the players are adding and subtracting points. Enhancing their mental math skills.

Most importantly, board games are inclusive and challenging. Everyone can play educational board games and have fun. They are great cognitive exercise that stimulate the mind. Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game and other board games help enhance strategic thinking with the multiple options for getting points to win the game. Players have to plan and decide their strategies to either earn points in the long run or get immediate points for shorter task. Evaluating the board game, their hand cards, and resources to make decision and solve problems they encounter. In the end, Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game and similar games are meant to entertain and help see science in a different light.