Spell Buzz
  • Learn to read and build up vocabulary
  • Enhances memory capacity
  • Developing interpersonal skills

Spelling is key for learning to read and write. There are many games focused on building a person’s vocabulary and enhancing reading comprehension. Most of the time the classic spelling bee competition is mimicked through games. One of these games is Spell Buzz which visually draws inspirations from the bees to make the game more appealing. Players have to spell the words correctly to get the bee cards and at the end of the game, the player with the most bees wins the game. However, the player has to be careful not to get a buzz bee since it automatically makes them lose all the bees they collected. Spell Buzz and other similar games give a fun twist to the classic spelling bee and better yet how children learn how to spell.

Spelling games are great way to exercise one’s mind. They are great way to strength the memory as one’s vocabulary expands. Children specially require practicing spelling to keep their minds sharp when reading or writing. Spelling is a good way for them to memorize words that may seem difficult or may be not commonly used. While playing spelling games such as Spell Buzz is a good way to develop a child’s working memory. Keeping their minds active while having fun with the bee shaped words. Children get used to seeing certain words. It allows them to understand the combination of key letters to make words and sounds.

Another benefit of spelling games such as Spell Buzz is that it welcomes social interactions. There is always a player who is the announcer who reads out loud the words for the other players to try to spell out. Spell Buzz and other similar games are great way for children to learn to wait for their turns and pay attention to others. It is important to build on the lexicon to be able to work on their interpersonal skills. Building their vocabulary makes for better communication being able to put into words what they are thinking. Children get to learn the words as they hear others spell it out and later use them in conversations. Spell Buzz and similar spelling games are a great activity to make everyone learn and have a buzzing good time.