• Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Promotes cognitive practice
  • Practices memory

The fast-paced game of Perfection introduces children into a fun way to keep their brains active through rapid play in memorization, perception, cognitive practice, and the use of motor skills to achieve a win. This game entices everyone who plays it to be vigilant and aware of there time before it runs out and the game finishes, making it an efficient method of fast paced learning.

Perfection is simple in design, making it easily accessible to children when explaining the rules. When playing it engages motor skills through the fast-paced placement of each piece onto the board before it triggers and pops them all out. To accomplish this, perception skills are needed to find where each little piece can fit. Memorizing the shapes that belong on the board can help children win this game as well while being active in cognitive practice through thought and strategy.

Practicing these skills can lead to a healthier academic study ethic as it can improve critical thinking skills in moments of debate or study in class. The enhancement of visual perception can help children pay attention in class and find out important details mentioned in teaching. Playing with friends as well can create a good environment of social confidence through charismatic practice and teamwork.