Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Board Game
  • Engages memorization skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Practices problem solving
  • Partakes in cognitive thinking

Uncovering a mystery in a board game can be fun, immersive, and educational when playing with other people invested in the story. Outfoxed! is another example of this when it places players into a crime scenario that needs to be solved. Within the process of play children can partake in memorization and perception skills, practice problem solving and a lot of cognitive thinking to uncover who committed the crime.

Little by little as the mystery in the game unfolds, gameplay helps children to memorize details that are established in the game. By remembering these details, they can have an advantage when trying to solve the board while being aware of cards, hints, and clues. This can connect to the use of perception skills when having to identify each items or character in the game. Observation is a key element to this type of board game and helping them easily identify items can encourage children to observe and understand.

Outfoxed! also partakes in problem solving alongside teamwork, a healthy communication with peers can help with there confidence and social abilities, making them more open to other people’s thoughts and points of view when playing a game or having a discussion. The game practices there critical thinking while enhancing the way they think cognitively, observation being key in the board game – it is great to see how games such as these can encapsulate these educational attributes.