Wikki Stix
  • Foster creativity
  • Learn recognize colors, numbers, letters, and shapes
  • Exercise fine motor skills
  • Stress relief

Wikki Stix is a hands-on learning tool that helps class become interactive. Like many other arts and crafts materials, Wikki Stix is versatile and fun to play with. It is important that children not only observe and listen but also participate in class working with their hands. This type of activities helps with children’s engagement in class. Helping them retain information and build concentration. Parents and educators can integrate Wikki Stix and other arts and crafts into their classroom to teach children to recognize colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. Also, these types of toys can be used to teach other subjects such as Math, Science and History. It is a fun way for children practice and show what they learn in a creative way.

The activities for arts and crafts are numerous. They help children develop fine and gross motor skills. Wikki Stix and similar toys require children to move their fingers precisely to recreate desired shapes and objects. Enhancing dexterity and motor planning. Following the instruction of the educators, children get to trace, cut, and bend the sticks to create letters of the alphabet, numbers, and shapes. Manipulating the sticks helps children strengthening their grip which helps exercise fine motor skills. It is important in early development that a child exercises these muscles for them to complete daily task such as writing. Arts and craft projects make creating something exciting for everyone.

A group activity or a hobby to do in the spare time, Wikki Stix and similar arts and crafts are a good way to unwind. It has been proven that doing arts and craft is a good way to relief stress. Allowing time to think and work on problems. It is important to have a healthy state of mind for learning. Children play and learn in an enjoyable environment where they can get to express themselves. Clearing the mind of any distractions arts and crafts can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ultimately, hands-on learning tools such as arts and crafts are meant to inspire everyone to create new things. Fostering imaginations and creativity. Children get to explore new avenues for expression and play with the many colors of the rainbow. Enhancing their curiosity to learn and study. It is important to stimulate a child’s mind for them to focus on learning and creative goal exercises helps them think of many possibilities to solve problems and complete task. Challenging everyone to think outside the box. Wikki Stix and similar arts and crafts are a wonderful tool to play and learn.