Don’t Dump Dumpty Game
  • Learn to recognize numbers
  • Enhance math skills
  • Fosters spatial awareness and fine motor skills
  • Builds social skills

Humpty Dumpty’s popularity has been an inspiration of many games. Using Humpty Dumpty and other characters from the nursery rhyme is a good way for children to participate in learning exercises in an entertaining way. Moreover, parents and educators like these types of hands-on learning tools because they help children pay attention to class. Like many other educational games, Don’t Dump Dumpty Game is one of the games that uses this egg persona to help children learn and develop cognitive skills. Don’t Dump Dumpty Game and similar games exercise a child’s spatial awareness and problem-solving skills with their many challenges. Keeping a child’ mind active and entertained.

Don’t Dump Dumpty Game and other math games alike are a fun way to introduce numbers to young children. Parents and educators can use theses types of games as practice exercises for children enhance their number recognition. Playing while learning these types of games help tackle math concepts such as odds and even, addition and subtraction and so forth. Child’s math skills are sharpened every time since they have to rely on mental computation to get the answers. Each Humpty Dumpty game is designed with different difficulty levels challenging everyone skills sets. Making math an exciting competition.

Also, educational board games such as Don’t Dump Dumpty Game help develop fine motor skills. Requiring the players to move their hands and fingers to do specific task it exercises a player’s fine motor skills. Just like in games like Jenga, the block feature of Don’t Dump Dumpty Game assists children hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Children have to build the tower and remove the bocks one by one to make Humpty Dumpty fall. Players interact with one another and try to copy their movements, so they can win the game. Moving their hands steady controlling their hand movements when the blocks are challenging to remove.

Bringing everyone together to play, board games make learning accessible and a shared experience. It builds up a child’s social skills. They set a good foundation for social interaction as children learn by copying the behavior of the other players. Children get to experience the ups and downs of winning and losing and game etiquette. Preparing them for real life experience. Don’t Dump Dumpty Game and similar board games are fun way to break the ice and allow for conversation. A fun activity to do at any time and share a few laughs.