Dragon Market
  • Sharpen math skills and counting
  • Foster logical and decision making
  • Improve strategic thinking and planning
  • Promote cooperative play and build social skills

Board games are a great hands-on learning tools to keep children engaged and entertained. Bringing everyone to a same room to have fun and test their skills. Dragon Market is one of those strategy board games that help exercise thinking skills. Like many board games, Dragon Market is designed to exercise players strategic and planning skills with a series of challenges. The objective of the game is to collect all the items on a card by moving pawns and boats around. Players have to jump through over moving boats to get the item. Like in chess and other strategy games, every action counts in the long run so players have to plan wisely.

Moreover, Dragon Market and similar games also help foster other cognitive skills. It is a fun way to improve decision making skills. While playing board games, children face series of options that alter the way they play the games. Helping children to be decisive and secure about their actions. Decision-making skills are important for everyday life problem. Also, board games help present the consequences when players don’t plan their moves ahead whether that be earning less points or losing the game. Fostering logical thinking and reasoning.

Dragon Market and other board games can be integrated to class. They can be a visual aid to practice math skills and counting. Learning about coordinates, players sail the boats horizontally and vertically to move the pawns. Cashing in the actions a player does not use. In Dragon Market and similar games, players receive coins whenever they don’t use all their moves in a turn so they can store them for later. Parents and educators can use this time to practice counting, addition, and subtraction. Doing mental calculation to sharpen math skills.

Ultimately, board games are a pastime that brings everyone closer. It is a time where people get to share, talk, and laugh. Prompting children to interact with other players. It is a fun way to build social skills and communication. Learning by imitating the other players actions. Board games are great team building exercises. They can be played competitively or cooperatively. Teaching children to rely on others and make group decisions as well as win and lose gracefully. Dragon Market and similar games are fun learning tools that spice up the routine and where everyone can have a good time.