Woodpecker Feeding Game Toy
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Learn color recognition
  • Foster creativity
  • Build counting skills

Like the early bird gets the worm, Woodpecker Feeding Game is a toy that foster early learning. Toddlers’ develop their cognitive skills naturally through play which prepares them for school and life. Parents and educators use educational toys to exercise the cognitive skills and enhance a child learning experience in a fun way. Enjoying the play time, children are captivated by these toys stimulating their mind. Woodpecker Feeding Game Toy and similar toys can be used as visual aids for class or anytime. Toddlers build their build their concentration and memory while they play.

As hands-on learning tools, Woodpecker Feeding Game Toy and similar educational toys can be used to practice color recognition and other preschool subjects. Introducing color recognition by picking and placing colorful worms into a baby bird’s mouth. Also, children can learn how to count using the worms by tallying the worms while feeding them to the chick one by one. Moreover, pairing the same colored worms together in the log a young child enhances their matching skills. Parents and educators can create their own exercises to practice counting and other math skills. Making learning math fun and exciting.

Part of early learning, toddlers need to build hand strength to do everyday tasks such as dressing up, brushing their teeth, and writing. Educational toys are designed to develop their fine motor skills by instructing different hand movements when they play. For example, Woodpecker Feeding Game Toy and similar games require the players to grab a tool to move objects from one place to another. Strengthening their hand grab and enhancing hand-eye coordination they use the Mama bird to get the worms. It is a good way to practice how to hold a writing tool. Fostering their fine motor skills in an entertaining way.

Pretending they are the Mama bird child’s imagination is foster through play. Woodpecker Feeding Game Toy and similar educational toys are mediums for nature. These types of toys introduce real world concepts in a fun way such as how birds live in their habitats. The child gets to interact natural world experiencing how birds find food and feed the chicks. Their curiosity is sparked to explore the wondrous of nature. Helping the child be creative and play their own way. Woodpecker Feeding Game Toy and similar games bring the early bird’s worm to everybody’s nugget.

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