Crazy Scientist Board Game
  • Exercise critical and logical thinking
  • Develop hands-eye coordination
  • Enhance social skills

Board games are unconventional tools for learning. They can work cognitive skills, motor skills or any skill needed for a specific class subject such as grammar or math. Board games can be played anywhere at any time. They can be part of the lesson or a break from work. For example, Crazy Scientist board game is a fun game for children to exercise their thinking abilities. The game instructions are simple to follow, copy the sequence of the beads in the cards using the test tubes to move the beads around without using your hands. Like other similar games, Crazy Scientist is designed for the players to use logical thinking in order to create an order to place the beads on the tubes. The player has to plan in their heads the steps they must follow in order to copy the pattern in the cards. Exercising a person’s mind through games; breaking away from the stuffy textbook problems.

Crazy Scientist board game also helps young children develop their fine motor skills. Similar to other board games, the players have to use hand-eye coordination to move the beads from test tube to test tube without touching the beads with the hands or letting the beads fall. It is a good way for children enhance hand-coordination skills while having fun. Developing hand-eye coordination from a young age is important for children to do well in physical activities or any exercise that requires dexterity. However, the small beads and compact test tube bring a level of difficulty to the game no matter the age.

Even more, board games such as Crazy Scientist are fun way to develop a young child’s social skills. Children communicate while playing board games, having a space to express their feelings and destress. A child gets to interact with other players getting practice how to take turns and how to win or lose gracefully. It is a good way to prepare for when in class they have to wait for the teacher to give them permission to speak and what to expect in competitions. Everyone can benefit from playing Crazy Scientist and other similar board games, they serve as conversation starters or center pieces. Learning from copying the other players behaviors the child gets to socialize and get along with others. It is a great way to have fun and share some time together.