Mental Blox
  • Fosters critical thinking skills
  • Develop problem-solving
  • Exercise fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Practice following directions and verbal skill

A good way to fight boredom is to keep the mind active with brain teasers. Exercising the mind and maintaining the cognitive skills sharp. Children benefit from this kind of play since they are developing their thinking skills and there is no electronics involved in the games. Puzzles and brain teasers are great way to challenge children intellect while they learn new things. Mental Blox is one of the many brain teasers designed to work on a player’s critical thinking skills. Analyzing a puzzle picture, players have to reconstruct a detailed structure using building blocks.

The focus of a brain teaser is to foster creative problem solving. Opening to the possibilities that there is more than one way to solve a problem. Mental Blox and similar brain teasers challenge their players to think outside the box. Each block features unique characteristics which require players to have attention to detail in selecting and placing the blocks. In some cases, the player has to observe and find ways for spheres be the base of the structure or pyramids be upside-down. Trying to solve the puzzle card, a player will approach the construction as many times they need it building up their problem solving.

Similar to other hands-on learning tools, Mental Blox and similar brain teasers exercise players fine motor skills. A child can sense by touch that the blocks are different shapes and has to grab the blocks in a specific way so they can stack them up. They exercised hand muscles since they need a strong hold of each piece, so the blocks don’t tip over and fall. And it enhances their hand-eye coordination while they balance the blocks and solve the puzzles. It is a fun way to maintain their hands busy and mind focused on the task.

In educational settings, developing a child’s communication skills is key to be able to socialize with other people. Parents and educators can integrate these types of brain teasers to work on a child’s communication skills. Working in teams a child learns how to follow instructions and interact with others. Mental Blox and similar brain teasers are a good group activity that requires verbal communication among players. Dividing the task one player describe the puzzle card while the other listens and builds the structure. Mental Blox and other puzzles makes everyone’s participation essential for the learning activity. Everyone is included and shares the experience of having fun solving a puzzle.