• Engages in creative play
  • Teaches spelling
  • Practices perception
  • Develops social skills

Having a place as a child to express your ideas is important for children’s development at an early age, implementing cognitive tools to learn and grow are easy ways to pursue access to smarter future. The Aqua Magic Doodle Mat is a great way to introduce children to spelling, object identification through words while being proactive in drawing, creating and simply having fun.

While playing with the Aqua Magic Doodle Mat, the main goal is to have fun while drawing by yourself or with friends. This creative play can provide improvement in social skills alongside confidence and growth in charisma. Having peers express their ideas through drawing captivates the attention of children into an environment of learning through play. Creative details such as these can lead to a healthy mind for further education when expressing ideas and obtaining healthy study habits. Being able to draw enhances motor and visual skills as well by learning how to grab the correct utensils for drawing.

Alongside the Aqua Magic Doodle Mat are letters from the alphabet and shapes that symbolize each letter. This can help improve children’s perception skills and spelling through play, educating as they draw and have fun. Being able to see these different letters while either writing or drawing can help children connect and memorize the alphabet while being active. The perception skills that can be practiced emerge from identifying each letter that looks like an animal. It creates a good learning ethic of vocabulary and can even encourage children to draw these same animals on the mat. Although drawing may seem like something minimal towards a child’s growth, it can help them practice cognitive thought, opening doors to healthier thinking throughout there toddler years and more.