Smart Stages Piggy Bank
  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perceptive listening
  • Practices counting
  • Partakes in critical thinking

Introducing the Smart Stages Piggy Bank to children introduces them to number of educative subjects that will benefit how they learn, memorize and count. They will partake in perceptive listening through the toy, alongside the practice in counting and cognitive thinking. Using the toy itself helps develop key motor skills for there development while having fun in a smart way.

Being introduced to math and numbers can be overwhelming at a young age but having the Smart Stages Piggy Bank creates a healthy environment where children can nurture and develop interest in numbers while inserting the toy coins into the piggy bank. By placing with the piggy bank, motor skills are refined, making development in how children handle objects within there surroundings. The toy speaks out the amount of coins inserted, teaching children about counting. By doing this, it is required to practice perceptive listening to memorize and learn what is being said.

Other than numbers, the toy also sings songs and asks spontaneous questions that can help with children’s critical thinking. The Smart Stages Piggy Bank has two modes installed within the toy, the first covering the basics of counting, alongside its songs and interactive questions and a second one that covers more topics and even speaks in Spanish, encouraging language acquisition at a young age. All these subjects build confidence for children’s future in education, giving them an introduction to basic topics that can make studying easier while having fun with a great interactive toy.