Race To Infinity
  • Sharpen math skills
  • Learn multiplication
  • Foster creative thinking skills and decision-making
  • Build social skills and confidence

When a board game adds math challenges to the activity, it equals to a good time. Math themed board games are a fun way to engage math class. Parents and educators can integrate these types of board games to class to reinforce lessons and practice math exercises. They are a good way to sharpen a player’s math skills and for everyone to enjoy each other’s company. Math board games help children to do math problems quickly and develops mental agility. Race to Infinity is one of these math board games that makes math fun. Like many other math themed games, Race to Infinity uses point system and challenges to make doing math interesting and entertaining.

Parents and educators can use math board games as visual aids to illustrate how multiplication equations are solved. Race to Infinity and similar games help introduce multiplication tables in a fun chase. Children are entertained playing the game helping them focus on the lesson and familiarizing them with math problems outside an educational environment. Furthermore, Race to Infinity and similar games have difficulty levels to challenge all types of players. Not only tackling equations, but also practicing to count and recognize odds and even numbers. Players need to reach up to 200 points to race to the finish line and win the game. Prompting them to do the most amount of math problems.

Another benefit of playing math board games is that they are an activity that can be done at anytime and anywhere. Board games in general have proven to help develop cognitive skills. Race to Infinity and similar board games are a good way to exercise critical thinking skills and problem solving. These types of games require players to analyze and use logical thinking to solve the math problems. Players exercise decision making choosing the direction they are going to move in the board. Weighting how much points they need to win the game and how far are the other players are from reaching the same goal. Children are constantly using their thinking abilities creating strategies to be ahead of other players.

Ultimately, math themed board games such as Race to Infinity are meant to boost a child’s confidence in their math skills. Children need positive reinforcement and perseverance to do math exercises. Games are an enjoyable way to practice math skills without any testing or academic pressure. While playing, children are in a relax environment where they can be themselves. Building their social skills, children get the chance to interact with other players. Learning how to take turns and share. Race to Infinity and other games alike bring everyone together to learn and have some fun.

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