Sums in Space
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  • Exercise math skills
  • Build social skills
  • Train memory

A good way to learn math is by playing games. It creates excitement and adrenaline to get the answers as quickly as possible and exercises your math skills. There are many board games designed to practice a person’s mental math skills. Sums in Space is one of those board games aimed to teach basic addition and subtraction to children. Using three rolling dice to determine the equation, the results are the amount of spaces a player can move. While playing, children get to do simple equations and learn to recognize odd and even numbers. Moreover, Sums in Space and similar types of math games have different levels of difficulty which makes playing the game a challenge. Making the child practice their math skills in every play.

Sums in Space and other similar games have options for how to play. It can be played competitively or cooperatively helping children build their social skills in different ways. Players can work together before time runs out or individually race each other to the finish line. Either way children learn how to get along with others and take turns. They practice their communication skills and have fun time together. Playing cooperatively there is no winning or loosing team which allows players to help each other learning how to work in a group setting. While playing competitively, children learn how to win or lose gracefully. Children learn by copying other players behavior and it creates practice scenarios to what they might expect from real-life situations.

Mental math board games are a great way to train the brain since it requires the players to do addition or subtraction in their mind. In board games such as Sums in Space, players can use their fingers to count however, they are doing mental calculations while they count with their fingers. Helping the child enhance their memory skills. Picturing the number sequence in their mind helps memory retention and short-term and long-term memory. Sums in Space and similar board games improve concentration and memory by keeping the players doing math exercises in every turn. Supplementary to schoolwork, children have goal of winning when playing math games which incentive them to do the exercises. Sums in Space and math games alike are an activity to do in a group class or anytime that brings the fun to learning.