• Engages problem solving skills
  • Teaches STEM based skills
  • Promotes cognitive practice
  • Partakes in creativity

The Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab Smart Circuits introduces children into basic circuit electronics through different materials, panels and objects that can benefit their future education. This is done through the educational attributes Smart Circuits can provide. Problem solving and cognitive thinking is used heavily through play meanwhile creativity is needed to create your own circuit board through STEM based ideas that can further knowledge in basic engineering areas.

Having dozens of pieces at the disposal of a child, the possibilities are endless to what they can create with electronics and circuit boards. The Smart Circuits engage in problem solving environments where children must carefully analyze and understand each circuit board to achieve a successful connection to activate the device, they connected to it. It provides many options of use, activating sounds, games and lights and it is up to the user to fit all of that through the designated cable connection through its initial board. Doing this helps their cognitive thought process by thinking harder and being able to understand the instructions provided to them within each circuit. This can help children follow instructions, understand sets of rules and further their proficiency at school when memorizing and learning.

This being a great example of a STEM based game, it can lead children into the world of that same education area. It is a great tool to practice interest in specific areas as it helps children’s mindfulness in any STEM related subject. What can also be seen through play is the use of creativity throughout the circuit boards. Smart Circuits giving a plethora of objects to choose from, it is up to the user to accomplish what they set there mind too. This encourages their confidence skills and charisma when trying out new projects in life through practice and determination.