• Enhancing problem-solving and strategic thinking skills
  • Developing critical thinking and logical thinking skills
  • Exercising fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Foster concentration

Puzzles are a good way to refresh the mind. They keep the mind sharp and are a good activity to pass the time. There are different types of puzzles one can do. For example, Kanoodle is a puzzle game that set the players to solve three-dimensional and two-dimensional puzzles. Brain teasers like these types of puzzles are a fun way to enhance problem-solving skills for young children. It is a good way to challenge their minds and practice the steps for finding a solution. Game puzzles such as Kanoodle have many levels of difficulty that help test a person’s skills. Each puzzle is unique which helps children develop strategic thinking. Children get to exercise their minds in a different way from reading and math. Allowing them to think outside of the box.

Also, Kanoodle and similar game puzzles are a good way to exercise critical thinking skills. By taking the time to think about how to place the pieces together to complete the challenge a child’s mind is constantly thinking working on their logical skills. It is important to exercise critical and logical thinking to tackle schoolwork. Game puzzles present unique problems that help anyone solving them to explore different ways of thinking. Just like when learning, brain teasers test skills which outcomes makes for sharper minds. Furthermore, games puzzles like Kanoodle are a fun way engage in critical thinking in a hands-on way of learning. Keeping busy by doing brain teasers such as puzzles are a good way to stop the time and focus on one task. Helping children to boost their attention span.

Brain teasers such as puzzle games have other benefits. Playing with Kanoodle and similar puzzle games help children to exercise their fine motor skills by having two-dimensional and three-dimensional puzzles. Building structures such as pyramids three dimensional puzzles such as Kanoodle brings physical aspect to solving brain teasers. The pieces are fashioned like circular atoms connected to create irregular shapes like in Tetris. Children grab and move around the pieces to solve the different puzzles working on their hand-eye coordination. Not only working a person left side of the brain but also spatial awareness and observational skills. Kanoodle and other puzzles are an entertaining activity to do anytime and anywhere. Children get a thrill from solving each puzzle testing their knowledge and skills in the process.

Kanoodling for some fun!