National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit
  • Engages motor skills
  • Encourages perception skills
  • Practices Archeology
  • Partakes in cognitive thinking

Learn and have fun when learning about fossils with the National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit. Using different tools that can engage in motor and perception skills uncovers different types of fossils that can be learned about over time. Being introduced to new topics can be interactive and fun, and using this kit to immerse children into this environment is an efficient way to introduce pre-historic archeology to children in an easy and immersive way.

When playing with the fossil kit, children must carefully dig through a slab filled with pre-historic treasures that uncover information through learning in different manuals provided with the kit. Digging up these fossils requires a steady hand when using the tools that can help improve motor skill capabilities when using hand-eye coordination alongside perception to observe where each fossil can be located at.

Learning about each fossil can pique interest in other topics in history, creating a confident mindset to study, learn and have fun while researching about humanities past. Thinking cognitively encourages healthy study habits and makes children more susceptible to learn and understand their surroundings when new topics are taught in school.